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In counseling, your teen will receive:

  • Guidance for developing a more positive outlook toward life
  • Communication skills to help invite you to be a valued resource in his decision making
  • Improved Self-Esteem
  • An increased level of self-awareness
  • A safe lace to disclose those secrets they aren't quite ready to discuss with you
  • Key insights for growing healthier relationships and choosing good friends
  • Decision making skills and a clear understanding of consequences
  • The ability to love themselves
  • Skills in establishing goals and pursuing milestones toward their personal success

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How can we possibly be successful in raising an emotional cave-child? The key is in understanding and in being their safe place (tapping into their survival instincts) and in developing an environment and lifestyle that provides the opportunity to pursue goals & explore healthy desires (tapping into those passions). 

As Parents, we often aim to do exactly that; unfortunately, we are not perfect and we can not possibly see every sign of trouble to come. That is OKAY. There is true value in that old saying, "It takes a village to raise a child," and we are ready to join your village.

Counseling for Parents

​​The Challenge of your life: Parenting may very well be the most challenging role a person can have in life. It is an ongoing duty that costs money, energy, time, and (at times) our sanity. Having the responsibility of influencing a precious life toward success is scary - and even scarier if we find our children falling into bad habits or getting into trouble.

Parenting can bring out our own childhood issue: Some times we are so driven to not do what our parents have done, that we do exactly what they have done. Other times we are perfectly okay with being just like our parents were, not particularly aware of what worked and what didn't. Then there are those of us who had no parental example at all... we are just winging it, with prayer. Whatever our situation, our personal experiences affect the way we raise our children and the relationships we develop with them.

Confusion sets in: ​As parents, we often find ourselves completely confused by our teenagers behaviors, mood swings, and decisions. We know that we "raised them better than that," yet, here we are - stuck!

The truth is: You have done the best that you can, with the knowledge and skills that you have but there is a world, bigger than you and I, that our teenagers must face, and that we can not always protect them from. There are outside influences that we simply will not be able to predict.

You are already a great parent, and like with everything else in life, you can be even better!

​In counseling: We will explore your strengths and challenges. We will work toward guiding your child to healthier habits, through your awareness of what works and what doesn't work, within your family. The key will be to overcome societal expectations, while exploring what is genuine for you and your child(ren).

You mean other than the fact that they think they are bigger than the world? Well, believe it or not, adolescence is the most emotional time in a person's life. Scientifically speaking, an adolescent brain is developed just enough for them to understand their instincts (survival) and passions (desires, relationships, emotions), and not even beginning to develop the ability to consider true logic, in consideration of long-term consequences (this begins developing around 19 years old but will probably not be fully developed before 25). Yep, it's not just your teen, they are all emotional cave-(wo)men.


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