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Experience freedom:
Through counseling, you will discover your internal truths and develop healthier ways to feel and express your feelings. Through hard work, personal growth, and increased mindfulness, you will find yourself enjoying life again. You won't stop self harming because "it's taboo," you will stop self harming because you will no longer want to, and if want to, you will learn to love life!

You are here because you are tired of hiding:

And we are ready to help you find Your Peaceful Solutions. You do not have to stay isolated and you do not have to share your secret with the world to overcome. You can begin the process to work through your feelings, discover the what, why, and hows of your behavior and the changing process, as you develop new and healthy behaviors.

Sometimes we must

travel to the darkest places of our hearts to

discover the beauty of our soul

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Everybody has their own way of self harming:

Not everybody who self harms does it in the same way. Some people cut, some people burn, some people hit things, some people hit themselves, and maybe your way is something else. The reality is, self harming isn't wrapped in a predictable box.

Isolation is often the price and a lonely place to be:
Whether you feel shame about your self harming or not, you probably find yourself hiding it from people who are important to you, avoiding building relationships with people who may judge you, and feeling isolated because while it feels so good, it is not healthy or good for you. In time, you may find that you have become more and more isolated and lonely, which is kind of like walking through the forest, blind folded. It is very unlikely you're making it to the other side.

Everybody has their own reasons for why they do what they do: 
Some self harm to feel something, some to release something, some for the high, and some to simply punish themselves. the desire to harm can be provoked by various things - feelings of shame, despair, rejection, anger, and so much more. Regardless of the reason, in some ways, it feels good to self harm, in other ways it only creates more problems.