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As you lighten your load, you will find within you a freedom to be you and an inner peace that will make healthier relationships more natural for you. The greatest challenge will lie in letting go of the old, releasing yourself from holding on, and allowing yourself to move forward. 

Are you ready to let go of your heavy load? 
            Maybe you want to drop some of your baggage?
                             Do you want to know if somebody elses baggage is a load worth taking on?

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The Relationship you have with you

will prove to be the foundation on which

You build all relationships

True love begins within you and as you sort through your baggage, you will throw some things out, you will clean the mud from other things, and you will refold your clothes for a neater fit. In doing so, your load will lighten, become easier to carry, and you will generate a more committed relationship to your sense of self. As your sense of self strengthens, you will find that you attract healthier people, promote healthier behavior in others, and no longer have inner conflicts about who you are and who you want to be in relationships.​

All relationships, not just romantic relationships, have value, and all relationships come with their own challenges. Whether you are in a relationship and seeking to be "better at it," or are single and find that you struggle in developing healthy relationships, we can help.

Every relationship comes with it's challenges and some leave us with new challenges to carry. We may pick up baggage from our challenged relationships with our family, the challenging relationships witnessed throughout our lives, or the challenging relationships we've experienced with friends and previous significant others. With each challenge, we walk away with a heavier load to carry and when we carry that load into the next relationship, we create new challenges, and decrease our chances for success, and increasing our chances for gaining more baggage and an even HEAVIER load. As your load becomes heavier, you may find yourself becoming bitter, sometimes toward yourself, times toward others, and often times, a little of both.

In relationship counseling, your counselor will provide you with a safe place to move through the process at your pace, in your way, and in a manner most fitting for your suitcase.