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Romantic love delivers us into the passionate arms of someone who will ultimately trigger the same frustrations we had with our parents, but for the best possible reason.

~ Harville Hendrix ~

Developing Healthy Relationships - Why is it so Difficult?

Unconditional love means: 

I will love you, even when you are difficult to love. 
I will be good to you, even when you are bad to yourself (and me). 
I will believe in the best of you, even when you are at your worse.
I will be kind to you, even when you are mean.
I will love you, even when you do not love me!‚Äč.
I will love you the way YOU need to be loved.

How often do you hear, "love hurts"? Often enough to believe it, even if you know it is logically untrue.

The truth is, we all have watched somebody else hurt from loss, from betrayal, from disappointments, and many of us have lost, been betrayed, experienced disappointment, and developed some fears about relationships.

Never been cheated on?

Never been lied to?

Never been betrayed?

Never had a loved one die?

‚ÄčThen who were you watching hurt when you decided, "I will never go through that again,"?

The reality is, we do not control the behavior of others and our fears may be the very thing that causes us to behave in ways that push them away. We do not control life and death. I guarantee you, if you continue to live people will hurt you, betray you, disappoint you, and people will die. The key is in knowing and trusting that your love will be the means of your survival. Love is the most powerful tool to survive every phase of a relationship and when you are open to give and receive love, you will be better equipped to overcome and work through the pain of lost love.

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Love doesn't hurt - betrayal, loss, disappointment, and fear hurt

Who is couples counseling for?

  • Single people who have a history of unhealthy or failed relationships

  • Couples considering marriage

  • Engaged couples seeking to grow before marriage

  • Married people seeking growth and improvement in their marriage

  • Couples in conflict, committed to overcoming their challenges

  • Anybody struggling with any kind of relationship who just wants to be better

Relationship are difficult because they require us to be vulnerable. Healthy relationships have trust and the healthiest of relationships are filled with active and unconditional love.  We live in a society that teaches the law of reciprocity - I will treat you the way that you treat me - but we are created by a God that Loves us, even when we do not reciprocate His love and that is how He wants us to love one another.

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Marriage Counseling - for a married couple

PreMarital Counseling - for an unmarried couple either preparing to lay a strong foundation for their pending marriage or evaluating the future of their relationship

Relationship Counseling for Individuals - for single people seeking to develop healthier relationships or a committed person with a mate who is unwilling or unable to attend counseling.

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