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Who am I

      Where did I come from

       How did I become me

                    Why am here, now, and feeling this way?

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Counseling allows you the opportunity to dig deep. In counseling you will be in a safe place to take an honest look at yourself and your experiences, and how your experiences have shaped you into who you are today. In doing so, you create an opportunity to narrate your story in a new way, with perceptions that empower you to increase your self awareness, confidence, and esteem.

The pursuit of counseling requires courage and your being here today tells us that you are a courageous person, and we are ready to help you use that courage to enhance your life and overcome life's challenges.

You are a treasure and we are looking forward to helping you discover the riches that live within you.

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For many of us, there comes a point in life where we realize there may be a better way. This does not necessarily mean we have a horrible life, although, it may. Most of all, it means we realize that our life hasn't been perfect, our perceptions are not perfect, and there may be a way to enhance our lives, to grow beyond our current level of self awareness, to become more successful in life, work, and relationships. It is during these times that we may seek counseling.