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Sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed with pain, repeated challenges in life, or a sense of hopelessness that takes over. Sadness is normal and a healthy emotion to experience, but there are times when it seems impossible to work through the sadness, when the sadness grows bigger than a few tears, and becomes debilitating and maybe even paralyzing, in some ways. This is when sadness has crossed the line and become depression. During these times, we may find that we can use an unbiased party to help us swim to toward the light.

Living is not always an easy thing to do and when living seems to be the most challenging, we may find that is when family, friends, and our employers are the lease understanding. Not because they don't love us but because they don't understand us and what we are experiencing. They may want you to explain, to help them understand, but the truth is, you may barely understand yourself. That is where Your Peaceful Solutions counselor can help.

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Please, allow us to help you out of the overwhelming weight of depression. In counseling, you will be in a safe place and allotted the opportunity to explore your truths with a skilled therapist who will help you bring light to the root of your depression and find your happy place. As you work through your challenges and embrace the work involved in swimming to the top, you will begin to experience Your Peaceful Solutions and become more balanced in your emotions.