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At Your Peaceful Solutions, you will receive counseling from bible based Christians, who are ready to accept you for who and where you are, and guide you toward the ability to do the same. We are clinical therapists who are also prepared to help with your spiritual challenges, if you so desire.

We Question God's Love for His creation
How can I love a God that is so harsh?
How can I trust a God that will not accept my imperfections?
Why does God let bad things happen to good people?

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We may Question our Salvation & Worthiness
If I die while I have a sinful thought or a sinful desire, am I going to hell?
How can God love me when I have done so much wrong?
​How do I know if I am really living the way He wants?

bible thumping

As Christians living in this world, we may often find ourselves stuck between two thought processes, resulting in us questioning our own value to (and for) God and questioning God's Love for us. 

We will not

  • ​Tell you that you are wrong
  • Try to talk you out of your sin
  • Try to convince you that you are going to heaven
  • Try to convince you that you are going to hell
  • Tell you to "get it together"

We will help you

  • Sort through your confusion
  • Find your own conclusions
  • Find clarity where your Spirit and flesh conflict
  • Accept that wrong teaching does not equal bad people
  • Learn to forgive yourself, God, and all who have hurt you

The Truth Is

Most of what we feel is based on bad teachings from good people. Maybe you had the strict, good, loving, extremely religious parents that expected perfection from you - because that is what they thought God expected from them. Maybe it was a friend that told you that you committed an unforgivable sin, or maybe a religious person knocked on your door and told you that you struggle because you don't pray hard enough. Whatever the cause, we find ourselves stuck between the Spirit and our flesh, what we see, what we feel, and what we know. The confusion can bring about anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, and even depression. 

​........ This is where your Christian Counselor comes in ........