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While depression is the consequence of thinking on how we have suffered, anxiety is the result of thinking about how we might suffer, what may happen, what could come to be. That is, a worry about the future, 5 minutes from now, tomorrow, next week, or next year. A worry that takes control and makes it near impossible to enjoy the here-and-now.

As you begin to regain control of your anxieties, through talk therapy, your therapist will help you discover the root cause of your anxieties, work through the experiences that taught you to be anxious and fearful. As through this therapeutic experience, in conjunction with your mindfulness training, a state of peace and balance will become the normal state and anxiety will be the rarity, and no longer hanve control of your life.

How can I enjoy right now

I can't stop thinking about what might happen later

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Through the use of mindfulness, you will regain a sense of control over your anxiety symptoms and be better able to to enjoy your day-to-day life. Your Peaceful Solutions counselor will help you develop skills that will help you retrain your brain to calm your thoughts, feelings, and body, and you will be able to release your most debilitating anxieties.

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There are certain anxieties that are normal, everybody experiences some level of anxiety. However, for some of us, anxiety can be a form of paralysis, that hinders our ability to enjoy day-to-day life, even the really good experiences. Some who suffer anxiety might describe a constant feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop, just knowing that something will go wrong. Then, for some, debilitating anxiety is even more intense, growing into anxiety attacks, which can be scary, embarrassing, and make life quite difficult to enjoy.