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Your Peaceful Solutions

At YPS we believe that the counseling relationship is a partnership, in which the counselor becomes a helpmate to a traveler who is on a path toward growth. During this journey, both the traveler and the helpmate will grow and increase in understanding.

Counseling Philosophy

Through therapeutic skill and personal warmth, your counselor provides a safe environment for you to explore your internal truths and discover the answers that will lead your toward peace, happiness, and healthier relationships.

Meet  our founder

We believe that the answer to your life's questions lie within you. You are not broken and full of problems, you are seeking answers that are buried within you.

Milena R. Colyer

Core belief about the counseling relationship

Our mission

To strengthen the community through individual empowerment and the cultivation of healthy families, by guiding individuals and families toward embracing their strengths, while overcoming their challenges.

Individual Counseling

If you are seeking to develop a healthier relationship with yourself and are ready to face your internal truths, individual counseling is for you. The only requirements are your presence and a willingness to grow.


Couples Counseling

Involves two people willing to actively participate in the counseling process, open to the possibility that each individual has a role in the challenges, thus a responsibility in the growing process.

Our services

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