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because everybody has the ability to experience peace, to overcome trauma, and to develop healthy relationships.



Let us commend you for your courage. The decision to seek counseling is one that requires a lot of courage and a genuine willingness to grow. At YPS your counselor will nurture your courage, as you seek to work through your challenges. In counseling we will set goals according to your specific needs. A gurantee for all clients who come ready to grow is an improved outlook on life and a better relationship with yourself... more


Parenting may very well be the most challenging role a person can have in life. It is an ongoing duty that costs money, energy, time, and (at times) our sanity. Having the responsibility of influencing a precious life toward success is scary - and even scarier if you find your child falling into bad habits or getting into trouble. As parents, we often find ourselves baffled by our teens' behavior, mood swings, and decisions. We know we did not raise an emotional bomb with hair, yet here we are... more

Relationship counseling can be for the married couple seeking to improve their marriage, an engaged couple seeking to develop a strong foundation for their pending marriage, or a dating couple who is wondering if marriage is the right decision for them. Whatever your goal, at YPS you will be given the opportunity to explore your needs and everybody will walk away better equipped to love and be loved... more 

professional counseling

Influencing stronger families, community togetherness, societal growth, and world peace, one person and one relationship at a time.


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